The Clinical ‘Hot’ Case is a very important part of the final ICU examination.
This DVD demonstrates sound clinical examinations of a standard that should result in a clear pass in the exam.
Examiner commentary highlights important points and weaknesses.

The DVD has been produced to assist both candidates and supervisors of training.

The DVD includes over 4 hours of instructional video.

Good candidates are able to give a clear, concise description of the important findings – right at the start, before the examiners start asking their questions - the DVD illustrates this approach and includes the initial presentation of the case to the examiners (but not the whole 10 minute discussion).

Through watching these videos, candidates and supervisors of training will have a better idea of the requirements for a good pass in the clinical examination.

We acknowledge the generosity of those patients (and their families) who consented to be involved with this educational DVD. All patient names in the DVD are fictional.

Cost A$42 (A$35 discounted price for internet orders)



The DVD was very useful as it gives insight into the examiners perspective, and what is considered standard. Having done hundreds of hot cases now, in different hospitals with different consultants, one gets used to a tremendous variety of expectations and criticism; the DVD helps keep perspective. The price is very fair and I would recommend it to the next round of trainees. Oliver Flower

I would strongly recommend the ‘Hot Case’ DVD. It gives a clear insight into what examiners expect when a candidate is examined in the hot case. The cost of the DVD is very much within the reach of the individual doctors and having their own copy would be best, even if it were to be available in their department. Of course it would be a good addition to the department’s collection. Ravindranath Tiruvoipati