Practical Obstetrics (Problem Solving on the Obstetric Unit)
Practical Obstetrics (Problem Solving on the Obstetric Unit) is a guide intended for junior doctors who are working in obstetrics.
The style is informal and scenario based. The qustions and dilemmas are exactly the sort of things which you will be asked by colleagues and nurses as soon as you set foot in the Obstetric ward or delivery suite.
This practical book presents the basic knowledge that an experienced obstetrician takes for granted.

The scenarios are practical and represent the sort of problems which you can expect to be confronted with when you work in obstetrics.
Obstetrics is a highly stressful and is associated with constant fear of litigation. There is little margin for error. This book will help prepare jonior staff and will ensure that they present well and make few errors.
About the author:
Rachel grew up in Perth and completed her medical degree at the University of Western Australia. After working in Perth for several years in various medical registrar roles, Rachel moved to Melbourne and started O&G training on a ‘complete whim’.
Since ‘ļ¬nding’ obstetrics, Rachel has never looked back, pursuing and enjoying obstetric training at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne, and at the Geelong Hospital.
Rachel completed her training in February 2008.

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