Erudite welcomes proposals and manuscripts from potential medical authors.
We have established Erudite Medical Books to provide exceptional books to a wide audience and we welcome authors who share our vision.
We recognise that most medical authors write with the aim of getting their book out to as many other doctors as possible, so we make books widely available by keeping prices to a minimum.

Authors receive a 10% royalty on all sales of their book.

The Erudite model means that we can provide books with a small specialist market for a cost that is close to that of high print run books.

Erudite's streamlined structure and use of digital technology also means that, since we don't have to pre-print large numbers of books, revisions can be made speedily and the new books distributed quickly. This is very important in medical care where  important changes occur.

An international company, Erudite is pleased to consider proposals and submissions from authors from around the world.

Please contact us for further information.