When Enough-is-Enough Teaching CD

Junior doctors frequently encounter patients who are confronted by lose-lose choices.

Without treatment they will die but with treatment they are still very likely to die - but their death may be prolonged.

On the other hand there is a small chance that they could survive.

It is difficult for junior doctors to conduct these discussions with patients

This CD provides them with guidance focussing on the patient's wishes, values and fears. This  course shows how useful these discussions can be and how patients react positively to talking in this way.

The CD includes a PowerPoint presentation with videos, and other educational materials with scripts to support simulated discussions.


Independent Evaluation of the ‘When Enough is Enough’ Program (extract)

Centre for Health Research and Practice, University of Ballarat

Associate Professor John McDonald

"There is strong evidence that the “When Enough is Enough” program is professionally delivered and uses effective teaching and learning strategies.

There is strong evidence – based upon self-reports by participants – that the program has achieved its stated learning objectives.

Participants report that it has been effective in improving their ability to communicate with patients about life-threatening illnesses and treatment options.

The program is highly valued by the participants. This is evidenced in their assessments of the overall value of the program, the enhancement of clinical practice and the fact that they would recommend it to colleagues.

There is a resounding call for the program to involve all medical staff in the hospital."


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